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Common Uses for:

Silver Shield/Silver Guard:

  • Aches & pains
  • Acne
  • Age Spots
  • Allergies
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Athlete's Foot
  • Black mold in bathroom
  • Bladder Infection
  • Boils
  • Bowel Disorders
  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Canker Sores
  • Candida Infestation
  • Cold Viruses
  • Congestion
  • Disinfectant
  • Ear Infections
  • Flu virus
  • Food Poisoning
  • Herpes
  • Inflammation
  • Sinus Infecxtion
  • Parasites
  • Psoriasis
  • Provides powerful support to the immune system.  
  • Helps destroy numerous pathogens including bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi including yeast. 
  • Helps alleviate inflammation (ears, eyes, nose, and throat).



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SILVER (A Natural Anti-biotic Effect)


Please NoteSilver Shield / Silver Guard is Natures Sunshine's Canadian Name for It's US Product Silver Solution

ALSO NOTE: Collodial Silver of Highest Quality! ONLY DANGEROUS to Those Who FANATICALLY  OVER USE IN HIGH DOSES for VERY LONG Periods of Time. (Years)

Video by Dr. Gordon Pedersen  

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on Silver Shield/Silverguard:

Q: What are the ingredients of Silver Shield/Silverguard?

     Silver Shield/Guard is manufactured solely from high purity water and high purity silver metal, no other ingredients are involved.

Q: How is the gel manufactured? What extra indredients are in it?

Silver Shield Gel is manufactured by taking the Silver Shield solution and adding a gellin agent and triethanolamine. the gelling agent is declared on the label by its INCI name, acrylates\C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolmer (we are required by law to declare cosmetic ingredients by their INCI nomenclature). the triethanolamine acts as a surfacetant (emulsifying agent) to keep the gel stable under all conditions.

Q: If the Silverguard solution is used to make the Gel, then why is the solution only 18ppm and the get is 24 ppm?  Wouldn't the gel be more dilute?

The Silverguard solution is actually 24 ppm to start with. The liquid product is diluted slightly to make it 18 ppm.

Q: How is the silver oxide coating created?

The patented manufacturing process caused very small silver particles to be formed - about 90% between 0.05 microns and 0.15 micros - and the high energy environment in which they are formed causes these particles to acquire a surface layer of a multivalent silver oxide(empirical formula AgO, molecular formula AgO4)  the product may also contain a small amount ofionic silver ( as silver nitrate ) and a few particles of larger than 0.15 microns. (A micron is one-millionth of a meter).

Q: How can the silver have a 2+ charge? I thought silver had only a 1+ charge?

Purely ionic silver compounds such as silver nitrate or silver chloride occur with silver having a 1+ charge.  As mentiioned in explaining how the silver oxide coating is created, the molecular formula for the oxide is AgO4, translating to an empirical formula of AgO.  Oxygen  occurs with a 2- charge, so in order to achieve electrical balance, the silver in this case must have a 2+ charge.

Q: The Silver Shield/Silverguard label has a warning about thyroid medications and antibiotics. Can someone take Silverguard if they are already taking these medications?

When we first developed the label for the Canadian market we consulted several different sources of information for the contraindications, warning and risks, keeping in mind that Health Canada is overly cautious in requiring this kind of information on product labels.  We found reliable scientific databases that advised there was a theoretical concern that colloidal silver products could interfere with the absorption of both thyroid and antibiotic medication. We felt it best to put this warning on the label to begin with, since Health Canada would most likely require us to add it before a product licence was granted.  Since launching the product, we have noticed that our US parent does not advertise these cautions on their label (the US and Canadian products are exactly the same). In fact, we know from the product introduction at Conference that Silver Shield actually improves antibiotic function.  The best advice at this time is that in order to avoid any possible interactions, patients should take the Silver Shield and their Thyroid or Antibiotic medication 2 hours apart.

Q: Is Silver Shield/Silverguard safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?

There is a warning on the label against this.

Q: If I take too much silver will I turn blue?

No. The famous "blue man" who made the news in early 2008 was making his own silver solution at home and drinking it everyday for many years. There are many internet sites that advertise, "Make your own silver solution" as well. We would stongly advise our customers not to do that, and to leave the manufacture of these products  the professionals. In the case of home-made products, there would be a lack of quality control to say the least. Dr. Gordon Pedersen states in his video that taking the recommended one teaspoon per day of Silver Shield will not turn you blue even after more than 50 years. 

Q: Is silver toxic?

No. Upon ingestion, silver compounds are known to clear out of the body by 90-99%by the second day after ingestion. At this rate, you would have to take Silver Shield every day for more than 200 years before it would build up to any appriciable degree in your body.

Q: Is the silver organic?

No. By definition, metallic elements and their oxides are not organic.

Silver Shield/Silverguard Can Be Used In Everyday Life

      Silver Shield/Silverguard has many applications both internally and externally.  As a daily preventative supplement, two teaspoons twice daily is recommended. Higher concentrations may be needed if dealing with illnesses.

Here is a list of pathogens Silver Shield/Silverguard has been used to inhibit:

  • Staphyloccoccus Aureus 
  • Salmonella Typhimurium & Arizona
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Haemophles Influenzae
  • Shigella Baydii
  • Pseudomonas  

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